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Experts now agree that about 75% of overeating is caused by emotional eating, which means that a lot of us are using food or alcohol to cope with our feelings. To help you learn how to change your emotional diet, we created the Stopping Emotional Eating; The emWave Stress and Weight Management Program. It focuses on the use of key HeartMath tools and the Inner Balance Personal Stress Reliever.

This may be the only weight management program that doesn’t focus on what you eat, but rather on what you feel. You won’t see any food lists or exercise regimens in this program. While these are important aspects in reducing weight and improving health, this program focuses on what researchers at the Institute of HeartMath have found to be the first and most important aspect of weight management: regulating your emotions. Learning how to recognize and shift your emotions is a key to success in weight loss and will help other areas of your life as well, including relationships, work, health and quality of life.

A More Balanced Approach to Eating, From the Inside-Out

This program and the supplemental book provides step-by-step instructions to be followed over the course of six weeks (or longer to suit your needs), and explains the tools in greater depth. You will gain a deeper understanding of how and why this program works along with inspiration and encouragement as you follow the program.

As you practice these tools and techniques you will begin to develop a new sensitivity to yourself. You’ll increasingly recognize the stress triggers and feelings that have led to stress eating and be able to regulate them more. You’ll shift to more positive and balanced emotional states and increase coherence in your system. Most importantly, you’ll start to find a more balanced approach to eating, from the inside-out.

Five Key Steps Of the Program

  • The first step is to identify your stress triggers and stressful emotions that propel stress-related eating and weight gain.
  • The second step is to learn two simple HeartMath tools, Notice and Ease and the Power of Neutral to reduce emotional stress and help stop emotional eating.
  • The third step is to build internal coherence with the Quick Coherence technique and Inner Balance technology to start changing your emotional diet, help sustain your commitments and make behavior changes you want to make.
  • The fourth step is learning the Freeze-Frame and Attitude Breathing techniques to take the drama out of emotional challenges, connect more deeply with your heart’s power and intelligence, make attitude shifts and to find new perspectives.
  • The fifth step is learning to make the exciting change from emotional eating to intuitive eating, using the Freeze-Frame technique with the Inner Balance to listen to your heart’s intuitive discernment on what, when and how much to eat.

Note: This program requires the Inner Balance technology and will be included in the price of the program.

Why Resilience and How It Can Help Us Break Patterns?

What if you could flip the switch at will from a state of overwhelm to a state of calm and comfort whenever you felt the urge to make unhealthy choices? 

Twenty years of evidence based scientific research has shown that a particular state called coherence can enable you to do all that. Learning this technique can help you recharge your battery, regain your enthusiasm and stay committed to your health and fitness goals. Coherence is being called the “secret science of brilliant leadership” and has been used by major hospitals, Fortune 500 companies, Olympic level athletes and the US Navy. I use it everyday to manage to ups and down of being a healthy, single mom and entrepreneur.

Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced ability to listen to your intuition and make healthy nutrition and fitness choices
  • Heightened intuition which will guide you on your healthy living journey
  • Increased ability to handle emotional eating and compulsive behavior
  • Improved awareness to set healthy boundaries
  • Increased vitality, resilience and regenerative sleep
  • More effective access to intuition for fast, effective decision making to maintain your healthy lifestyle

Hi! I'm Anne Parker and I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, Wholistic Health Coach and Certified HeartMath™  Trainer.

When I discovered HeartMath™  I was dealing with some very challenging life situations, and found it difficult to manage my stress.  High levels of stress were causing health issues, and negatively affecting all areas of my life.

A dear friend introduced me to the HeartMath™  system, and after my first session I immediately felt  a sense of inner ease and calm.

I had so many things on my plate at the time, I wasn’t sure I could dedicate the energy to learning a new skill.There is so much more to weight loss than just cutting calories and starving yourself.

As time went by, I found that using the HeartMath™  techniques have been life changing for me because I can practice them anytime, anywhere. Within five minutes I'm able to take my stress level from a 10 to a 1.

Using the HeartMath™  techniques have enabled me to listen to my intuition, make better decisions, and 10x my results with my personal and professional goals. 

Now I teach the HeartMath™ Resilience Advantage Program busy parents and entrepreneurs who need a simple system to manage health and stress so they can become resilient, confident and compassionate leaders.

I've been helping women just like you change their lives for 25 years, and I can't wait to help you gain a better understanding of why you've been struggling with weight loss and experiencing other health conditions too.

Click below to schedule your discovery call, it's completely FREE, I created this to help as many people as possible change their lives through appropriate fitness and nutrition programs. YOU are unique and that's why this process will help you understand your personal plan to improve happiness, health and overall fitness level.

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